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Highprofile Internal Polytherm Plantation Shutters

A cost-effective alternative with style.

Highprofile Poly is an entry level PVC shutter. Whilst retaining the timeless look and feel of plantation shutters, the poly shutter is suited to smaller wet areas and decorative applications internally in the home.

Finished in quality 2-pack paint, Highprofile Poly is a stylish yet affordable solution for those seeking shutters over blinds and other window furnishing treatments.

+ Warranty: 10 Year Structural Warranty, 5 Year Paint Warranty

+ Available Blade Sizes: 64mm, 89mm

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+ Available Standard Colors: White, Silk White, Shell, Pearl, Clotted Cream, Ivory, Alabaster, Antique White, Dove, Grey, Whisper White, TWO White, Sandy Day

+ Available Installation Methods:

  1. Fixed: An excellent option when shutters will not need to be removed from an opening and only the blades need to be operated.
  2. Hinged/Bi-Fold: Used for most standard windows. Shutters can easily be opened to access the window with a single hinge or, for multiple panels, a bi-fold that stacks off to the side.
  3. Sliding Multi-Fold/Stacking: This is the most flexible of all the installation types. You will have the exciting option of completely folding the shutters away from the opening when a non-obstructed view is desired.
  4. Sliding: Sliding shutters are great when you need to cover sliding doors or enclose balconies/outdoor areas.

Signature Shade Solutions is one of, if not the only company in Hawaii, to offer a direct mount installation. Using pivot or non-mortising hinges, we can eliminate the use of a sub-frame, allowing for a more open and less intrusive look.


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