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Shadesol Alfresco External Roller Shades

Bring indoor entertaining outdoors.

Shadesol Alfresco is the original and ultimate external solution for any outdoor area or window. Shadesol offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.  

Direct sun is the greatest source of unwanted heat. Shadesol Alfresco offers an exterior shading solution for your outdoor lanai and/or windows creating an effective barrier to the sun and actively reducing heat and cutting glare which keeps your house cooler and energy costs down.

+ Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty, 5 Year Installation Warranty, 5 Year Fabric Warranty

+ Made in the USA

+ Aluminum Cover Types: Cassette, Extreme Cassette, Open Roll, Extreme Open Roll

+ Installation Methods Available: Zipscreen Track & Zipscreen Extreme, Cable Guide & Cable Guide Extreme, and Pivot Arm

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Shadesol Alfresco External Roller Shades can be installed using three different methods each customized to suit different solutions:

 Zipscreen Track & Zipscreen Extreme:  This solution features a slimline tension-free side guide, ideal for sheltered areas around the home.  With breakthrough  Z-LOCK technology, provides a unique fabric guide, fastening and securing the welded zip and fabric concealed within the side channels; creating a strong, smooth and streamlined system. The hidden Z-LOCK function ensures no gap between the fabric screen and side channels with a secure guided movement

 Zipscreen system accommodates up to 18 feet of roller shade span. Zipscreen Extreme uses a larger motor and stronger components allowing up to 26 feet of roller shade span.  Includes Ultra-Lock technology to automatically secure shades. 

Cable Guide & Cable Guide Extreme:  A discreet cable guided solution, great for floor to ceiling applications. Featuring a universal bracket to fix the base of the wire guide to the floor, wall or inside mount.  Wireguide also utilizes the patented Ultra-Lock for semi-automatic locking with spring and gear controls.

Cable Guide system accommodates up to 18 feet of roller shade span. Cable Guide Extreme uses a larger motor and stronger components allowing up to 26 feet of roller shade span. 

Pivot Arm: This system is ideal for awning windows on first or second story levels.  Pivot Arm features a robust spring-loaded arm, maintaining constant fabric tension in all positions. The maximum angle is 45 degrees.  Arm length options are 3.2 feet and 4.5 feet. 

Forward-looking and innovative, Shadesol Alfresco are fitted with state of the art motorized roller systems, that are reliable, easy to use and streamlined, allowing for remote control and optional home automation integration:

Motorization Options: Shadesol Alfresco exclusively uses Rollease Acmeda roller systems, with best in class hardware and motorization designed to perform at the highest level.  We have three Motorization options: AC/DC Motorization (hardwired), Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery motorization (can couple with a solar panel for continual charging, pictured below), or Manual/Crank (old school). 

Wireless Remote Controls: Remote controls offer LCD displays, individual, group, and all control options from a single handheld or wall mounted remote.

AutomateTM  Pulse Hub: With wifi built in, simply plug in, connect to your network, and enjoy the ability to control your shades from anywhere. Set timers and scenes, or manage multiple rooms and locations. AutomateTM  Pulse Hub integrates with the best home automation systems and allows voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Best in Class Fabric:  Serge Ferrari Soltis is a high-performing vinyl mesh fabric used by Shadesol as a solar screen fabric for exterior windows. Serge Ferrari is best known for their strides in solar protection; they’ve carved a reputation across multiple markets for the unique benefits their fabrics offer. With their North American HQ based in Florida, their team of experts understand the effects of harsh sunlight. Focused on sustainability, many of their fabrics offer energy-saving attributes, recyclable material, and GREENGUARD® certifications. You cannot get better than Serge Ferrari!

Stockholm 8% Fabric Colors:
*Custom Color fabrics and different fabric materials are available upon request.

Stockholm 14% Fabric Colors:
*Custom Color fabrics and different fabric materials are available upon request.

Cassette & Cover Colors:
Extreme systems only available in Black & RAL custom colors.


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